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Mental Health Resources

Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, our students may experience a myriad of emotions. The loss of normalcy and connection, along with possible economic and health or other concerns can result in stress, anxiety and fear.  It’s important to acknowledge these feelings, learn ways to manage them and access resources when needed.  ​​​​​​Below are some resources, services and contacts which may be helpful our for students and families. 

How to Talk with Kids and Teens about COVID-19

Coping with Stress

Community Mental Health Providers

As a reminder, please access your regular mental health provider for support. If you have private insurance, consider calling your carrier for a referral list that matches your child’s needs.

For those who are seeking alternatives, here are some on-line therapy options:

The above list is not a comprehensive list of providers in Orange County and is not a formal referral from Oxford Preparatory Academy. Please use discretion in selecting a mental health provider.

Emergency Resources: