OPA Message 4/2/2021

April 2, 2021


Dear OPA Families and Staff,


It has been a wonderful week at OPA. We had a very productive LCAP Advisory Meeting on Thursday night, where stakeholders shared feedback and ideas regarding our school goals and achievement data. It is so exciting to see everyone involved in planning for an incredible future for our OPA schools.


We also had our OPA Board of Directors meeting today, where we discussed the new CDC and CDPH guidelines which allow schools to decrease the distance between students in classrooms to 3 feet. We are very excited to announce that the OPA Board of Directors has directed OPA administration to implement a plan to increase in person instruction for our champions for the current 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, we plan to bring students back for a longer school day starting on April 26, 2021. More specific information regarding the plan is explained in the attached video clip from the OPA Board meeting presentation today. As we plan for this change to the instructional program, administration will make every effort to keep students with their current teachers, however, some schedule changes will be required in order to accommodate both our virtual and hybrid students and continue to meet CDPH physical distancing requirements. If your student is required to change teachers, you will be notified by OPA administration by April 19, 2021. As we refine and implement the plan, more information will be shared with our OPA families.


We understand that some families would like to return to in person instruction when the instructional day is extended. Therefore, where space is available, we are allowing virtual students to return in person on April 26, 2021. If your student is currently virtual and you would like him or her to return to in person instruction, please fill out the form by April 13, 2021. The link to the fiorm is available in the email version of the message. In person seats will be allotted based on the time the form was submitted and the space available in the grade level/class.  The form will open at 8:00 pm tonight, Friday, April 2, 2021 and will close at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.


Conversely, we know some families are concerned about the decreased physical distancing between students.  Therefore, if your student is currently hybrid and you would like to switch back to fully virtual, you can also fill out the form by April 13, 2021 and we will make the change to the 100% virtual program.



We hope you all have an amazing Spring Break next week. With the weather warming up, I know everyone is excited for a short break before we head into the busy springtime full of activities at OPA. Have a wonderful weekend and a great week off champions!!






The OPA Administration Team